Youth Access Pass

Your Youth Access Pass (YAP) gives you FREE access to 10 SHOWS at the 2022 Hamilton Fringe Festival!

There are two ways to use your YAP to book a FREE ticket to a Fringe show:

1. If you prefer to just show up on the day of your chosen show, your YAP acts as a standby ticket. That means you get in as long the show isn’t already sold out. Arrive at the Box Office outside the correct venue at least 20 minutes before showtime!


2. If you like planning ahead, you can book a ticket in advance online, ensuring you get a seat. But only book your ticket online if you definitely know you will be attending the show!

      a. First, you need to activate your pass and create an account. To do that, email at least 48 hours before the first show you want to see. In your email, say that you would like to ACTIVATE your Youth Access Pass, and provide your FULL NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS.

      b. Once we activate your pass and create/update your account, you will receive an email with instructions on how to book your ten chosen tickets online. (If your pass is already activated, you can see the Booking Instructions here!)

The 3 Things You’ll Need When You Go To The Show!

    • Your ID (proof you’re 21 or under)
    • Your Fringe Backer Button
    • Your Youth Access Pass

Going to a show is meant to be fun for everyone, so there are a few things to keep in mind:  

    • All shows start ON TIME. We can’t promise you’ll get inside if you’re late!
    • If you leave during a performance, we can’t open the doors to let you back in (it’s too distracting)
    • Turn off your phone (and anything that might beep or light up) during the show
    • Remember that the performers can see and hear you! Keep distractions to a minimum unless the performers ask for audience participation
    • Masks are encouraged at all indoor venues

There are so many shows to choose from! If you have any questions, email at any time. We can’t wait to see you at the Fringe.

How to book your tickets online, AFTER the Box Office has activated your Youth Access Pass:

1. Click on Event Listings.
2. Scroll to browse events alphabetically, or use the search bar to find an event or show if you know the title. You can also search by venue.
3. Click ‘Book Now’.
4. Read the event description, including any special information or warnings.
5. Select a show date and time from the calendar under the event description.
6. Select quantity of tickets (1 will be FREE for any performance, using your pass).
7. Add your tickets to your basket.
8. For additional tickets, click on ‘Back to Events’ or ‘Event Listing’ in the menu and repeat steps 2-7.
9. Once all tickets are added to your basket, click on your basket.
10. Click Checkout.
11. Log in using the email you provided to the Box Office; once you’re logged in, click on your basket to continue with your checkout.
12. Complete your checkout.